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More Than A Game

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Sports has always been a passion of mine from a very young age, as I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and track. In college, I learned I could combine my passion with my education. So, I majored in sports management at The University of Texas at Austin. I chose to study law at Marquette University Law School to focus on sports law under their National Sports Law Institute. To me, sports is more than a game. It extends beyond the field and court and transcends fashion, politics, business, law, entertainment, and history. Sports have become a lifestyle that impacts every facet of our lives. The lessons you learn from sports are invaluable as sports teach you how to follow, lead, grow, work hard, and humility. This is why I am passionate about sports.


​Dallas Cowboys

Texas Longhorns


​Professional and College Football

Professional and College Basketball

Track + Field


​Randy Moss is my favorite football player. He single-handedly sparked my interest in football at the age of 13. Now, of course, I grew up on the Dallas Cowboys dynasty, but Randy Moss was the most dynamic, exciting, and athletic football player I had ever seen!

Kobe Bryant is my favorite basketball player. He entered the NBA when I was 11, I started playing basketball at the age of 12. I modeled myself on the court after him. He was a player that worked hard every day. He did not rest on his talents. He worked relentlessly at them. His Mamba Mentality is a work ethic that transcends beyond sports and is applicable to every aspect of life.


When I first started playing airsoft, the world of tactical combat seemed incredibly exciting. Article on Airsoft has been a real source of insightful advice for me. I learned how important team communication, safety rules, equipment selection and game tactics are. These recommendations became a reliable reference point for beginners, as I was then, to help develop skills and understanding of the game.


Jan 03

I love playing airsoft, it's my hobby! I even recently bought a gun on the website, I advise everyone, they have very low prices and cool equipment.


Adam Barry
Adam Barry
May 20, 2020

Rachel, I am 13 years old and I hope to major in sports communication or journalism. If you have any advice on how to make it, I would be very grateful. Thanks

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